#MKTO #Classic – Very catchy jam

Feel good song by MKTO. MKTO is an American musical duo consisting of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller. Their debut single, “Thank You“, was released in January 2013. The follow up single, “Classic“, was released in June 2013. MKTO’s self-titled debut album was released on January 31, 2014. Good stuff.



Military wife drops more than 100 pounds to surprise husband


Military Wife
LELAND, NC – Misty and Larry Shaffer have been together since high school. She went to his senior prom; he went to her junior and senior proms. They got married in October 2008.

He never said anything about her being overweight.

When Larry, an Army specialist, was deployed to Afghanistan for a year in 2012, Misty decided she wanted to get in shape.

She weighed about 260 pounds when he left, and less than 155 pounds when he returned.

“I just sat in bed one night and was like, ‘I can do this,'” she said. “‘I need to do this.'”

Shaffer, now 25 and living in Leland, North Carolina, has struggled with her weight her whole life, even as a child.

Each time she had tried dieting in the past, she would relapse. Before she became pregnant with her daughter, Nevaeh, she took diet pills and lost 60 pounds. But…

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Oscars 2014 in quotes: The best soundbites from the year’s best movies

“Sorry lady but I prefer to die with boots on” – Dallas Buyers Club.

Flawless: 5 Lessons in Modern Feminism From Beyoncé

Yonce BADASS Motherf*****


With her new album, Beyoncé has become the embodiment of modern feminism for a generation that has been reluctant to claim the word. Forget the angry cries of sexism. Millennials have grown up admiring a woman who says she’s “Crazy in Love” with one of the most powerful men in music and expresses her desire to please him while still projecting a fierce, independent persona.

Why should my generation adopt the traditional “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” version of feminism? Even as modern day pundits like Hanna Rosin, Maureen Dowd and Sheryl Sandberg have picked up the baton, speculating about the “end of men” and the perils of letting your career be derailed by family, Beyoncé has managed to become the biggest female pop star in the world while cultivating her marriage, her role as a mother, and her sexuality. And in doing…

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Pool pee isn’t just gross—it’s also harming swimmers

UHM #howisthisREAL #acrobatics #gymnastics

Finals at the 2010 World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland. Great, inventive routine. Placed 3rd behind Russia and Great Britain.

#AGreatBigWorld and #ChristinaAguilera

One can only assume that Christina Aguilera will steal the spotlight on whatever stage she takes. Not the case when she was asked to collaborate on  A Great Big World’s “Say Something” track. Chad Vaccarino, member of A Great Big World, was quoted saying that he originally thought  Christina Aguilera would “take a verse and do all this belting stuff at the end”. Apparently, she “just wanted to let it breathe and just be open”.

If you’ve ever seen Aguilera on The Voice, she tends to be a bit of a show off (rightfully so). In “Say Something” she exposes a real vulnerable side that we haven’t seen since her “Beautiful” days.

Fun Facts:

  • This song was written at a time when both members of A Great Big World, Chad Vaccarino and Ian Axel, were experiencing individual heartbreak. They considered writing the song part of the healing process.
  • The ballad came to the attention of Christina Aguilera after it was used by Amy Yakima on So You Think You Can Dance in September 2013. The songstress was so impressed with the song that she asked to be included on a revised version for the duo’s debut album, Is There Anybody Out There?
  • Aguilera was inspired by the song and reached out to Vaccarino and Axel herself asking them to duet. “We got this beautiful email from Christina saying how she didn’t want to take over the song at all,” Vaccarino revealed to MTV News. “She wanted to let it be in the space that it was already in; she just wanted to add this texture.”

#AndreAmador’s #Art

A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… Mind BLOWN.

Andre Amador says “it’s more about the process and less about the result”.

F***ing #lovethissong

Robyn’s explanation of the song, “I think ‘Dancing On My Own’ is totally from me just being in clubs and going out and dancing a lot, and seeing people and thinking, ‘what are they doing here?’ All these people with their hopes and their dreams about their big nights out, ‘look at me I’m dressed up and dancing.’ There are so many hopes that people have when they go out. I’m fascinated by club culture at the moment. My boyfriend used to be a doorman so I’ll hear stories about how people act when they’re insecure, or how they act when they’re drunk. Clubs are like the new church for people – it’s where you go to feel a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Robyn once said to Billboard magazine that the dance floor is an important place for her generation. She described it as a place where people go to experience something bigger than themselves.

Feel Good Videos: “Brave” and “Happy”

Two “feel good” videos each involving the artists dancing around with “common people” in public spaces.

Pharrell’s “Happy” was also a 24-hour interactive music video (similar to Bob Dylan’s interactive video). Each hour was filmed in a different location of Los Angeles. The song was originally created for the soundtrack of “Despicable Me 2”.

Bareilles co-wrote “Brave” with Jack Antonoff (the band F.U.N.). She was inspired to write the song after being inspired from the struggles that a close friend dealt with in coming out. In an interview Bareilles stated, “there’s so much honor and integrity and beauty in being able to be who you are, [and] it’s important to be brave because by doing that you also give others permission to do the same.” 

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